Assuring that we build authentic connections championing representation from within the communities the Network embraces. We utilize digital platforms to ENGAGE communities across the vast spectrum of cultural and social intersections on mental health. The flexible potential of digital tools helps the Network grow with integrity because we can expand inclusion to as many voices as there are intersections.


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The  Tomorrow  Show 

The  Tomorrow  Show 

Host(s): Erin Dunbar, Mike Vinopal, & AC

Airing Times: Sundays, Bi-Weekly
Description: A show dedicated to celebrating the spectrum of living with mental health challenges from surviving to thriving. An educational and inspirational lifestyle format chat hosted by Erin, Mike, and AC. Join them twice a month for episodes that explore current events, music, arts, hobbies, and embracing all forms of self-expression.

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Raising the Visibility

Raising the Visibility

Host(s): Carl Evans

Airing Times: Thursdays @ 6:30 PM
Description: RTV is an educational series hosted by Carl Evans focused on examining obstacles and core elements of realizing true comprehensive mental health care. Together with voices representing lived experience, advocacy, clinicians, and professionals we hope to have a comprehensive discussion identifying problems and seeking solutions!

SEASON 1 - Stigmas and our Institutions: We will be examining social and cultural factors that can create obstacles to identifying, validating, and addressing mental health challenges.

  • EP 1 || 5/12/2012 || Body Image: Can someone’s mental health be invalidated by a waist size? Can you be "too pretty" to have depression? What if you're a person with a disability? We're going to confront how our external reality can impact support for our internal experience.

  • EP 2 || 5/19/2022 || Age: Is there an age restriction for those who experience mental health challenges?

  • EP 3 || 5/26/2022 || Sexual Orientation: When who we love impacts how we are treated and supported.

  • EP 4 || 6/9/2022 || Gender Identity: Navigating the complexity of biological sexes and gender is benefitted by informed professional guidance but stigmas have erected severely volatile and hostile obstacles.

  • EP 5 || 6/16/2022 || Ethnicity: How does our skin color, the way we speak or pray shape how institutions react to our mental health needs?

  • EP 6 || 6/23/2022 || Dollars & Sense: Who can afford to have mental illness and trauma? 

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Mental Health and Creativity Collide

Mental Health and Creativity Collide

Host(s): Kate Smith

Airing Times: Hiatus
Description: Celebrating inspiring stories through the lens of mental health and creativity.

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Caguamas y Dramas

Caguamas y Dramas

Host(s): Marlo Reyes

Airing Times: Hiatus
Description: Breaking stigmas one guest at a time. Real people, real stories, real facts, and real conversations.